Grab them by the clickbait

By Jacob Puthenparambil

Journalists need to be put on the endangered species list. Have you met a journalist recently? Chances are very rare. If you work in PR like I do, they are mostly generic email ids such as or, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a few journalist contacts (I try to avoid saying “journalist friends” – I don’t think a true journalist can be anyone’s friend.) and I meet with them regularly. Talk with them on what interests them, recent spins, gossip, happy hour pricing… you get the picture. But these numbers are decreasing fast. They are being replaced by “content producers”.

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Are Journalists being replaced by bots?

By Jacob Puthenparambil

In May this year, I made a statement on Twitter, “Hillary Clinton is not going to win this election, she doesn’t have popular support.”

It was mostly ignored, and rightly so. Who in their right minds would take a non-American running a PR agency from a crack in the wall of a shophouse on Boat Quay in tiny Singapore seriously?

Had anyone bothered to have asked me how I arrived at this, I would have told them, it’s because of the state of journalism today. We have had an explosion of media outlets, particularly online, but almost all of them are echo chambers of people with similar agreeable views.

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Influencers, you pay them?

By Jacob Puthenparambil is going to launch the REDLIST. A curated list of social media influencers who we think are cool and their views and opinion carry weight.

It’s time to put the paid influencer phenomenon to bed.

More on the REDLIST towards the end of this post. First, here is a some what real conversation I had a few weeks back:

Social Media Influencer (SMI): Yes, it sounds interesting, I charge RM2000 (RM is Malaysian Ringgit, that’s roughly $500) per Instagram post.

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PR doesn’t need you. You need PR.

By Jacob Puthenparambil

Confused about the headline? Me too. I should have stopped after the 13th pint last night.

What I wanted the heading to say and what this post is about is: Often businesses and business people don’t get PR. They don’t value it and so they think they don’t need it. As a PR person, should you educate them on why it’s important? Or just work with people who get it?

See. There is no way I could have put that in a sexy headline. You can think of one? Please feel free to let me know.

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